Who Does Donna Hicks Represent?

After Representative Donna Hicks recently revised her legally required ethics disclosure we can now see what she was hiding: her reports reveal that her primarily sources of campaign funding are special interests in Columbia and alcohol distributors.

Rep Hicks’ reports were previously blatantly inaccurate and, according to the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, an official ethics complaint was filed by former Republican Party Chairman Rick Beltram against Rep Hicks in order to force her to correct these errors. Representative Hicks has now published a new set of reports which she claims is more accurate, and her case is pending a verdict by the House Ethics Committee.

The stunning revelation from her “corrected” reports show that over 3/5ths of Rep Hicks’ campaign cash for the 2016 election comes from lobbyist principals and special interests in Columbia.

Another major source of funding for Rep Hicks is  distributors of beer and wine. Rep. Hicks received over $7,000 from wine, beer, and liquor companies including the “Beer Wholesalers Association Political Action Committee” and the “Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association Political Action Committee”.

But, most disturbingly, fewer than 5% of her contributions come from businesses or individuals in the District 37 area.

In contrast, the vast majority of Steven Long’s contributions are from businesses and business owners in Boiling Springs and surrounding areas. “Representative Hicks might have the backing of big money special interests,” Long said. “With the support of the voters and small businesses actually in my district, I am committed to representing the people of District 37, something that we have missed during the time that Representative Hicks has been in office.”

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