It is imperative that we fix our roads and repair our infrastructure for the safety of motorists and to attract new business.

For nearly 2 decades the legislature has failed to make road funding a priority and instead has spent millions on pork projects, building new roads and sidewalks, and growing government. As a result, the roads are in awful condition and require immediate attention. Upstate roads are particularly bad as powerful politicians from the lowcountry swindle funds for their area while leaving the upstate roads and bridges to deteriorate.

South Carolina has had record surplus revenue recently and every dime of that money should be sent to repair existing roads. Interstate-85 and other upstate roads should be the top priority for this funding. Furthermore, by reducing unnecessary spending in the budget and cutting special interest projects, we can direct even more money directly to our roads.

Reforming the Department of Transportation is also necessary in addition to securing reliable funding for infrastructure repairs. Firstly, we need to eliminate the State Infrastructure Bank and the Joint Transportation Review Commission. The process for fixing our roads needs to be streamlined and placed under the authority of the Governor(who appoints the DOT Secretary with advice and consent of the legislature). No more special treatment for political elites. And secondly, we need transparency in spending and contracts. Details about how taxpayer money is being spent should be made public and the politicians need to be held accountable.