The immigration situation in the upstate presents a great risk to the safety of the public.

Illegal immigrants involved in drug and human trafficking are dangerous and must be stopped. It is crucial that law enforcement be equipped to handle these threats.

Recently the attempts from the Obama administration to settle poorly vetted refugees has increased the need for our state to take action. These immigrants are coming from countries that are in turmoil and the security concerns are tremendous. The potential for those that wish to do harm to Americans to enter our state through this program is simply to high to allow it to continue. We have already seen how these so called refugees are dangerous. Attacks that have occurred in the United States and overseas demonstrate just how perilous allowing these individuals to enter can be.

South Carolina needs to not only refuse to fund this resettlement program, but we must soundly reject any refugees from these dangerous countries. The Center for Immigration Studies notes that the US can help 12 refugees in safe areas in their homeland for the cost to bring 1 to the US.

We can still help them and provide for them, and be much more effective, without putting our security at risk.