Faith Leaders for Long Coalition Formed

Several pastors and other faith leaders have formed a coalition to support Steven Long for South Carolina House District 37.

“Steven is a strong Christian conservative and he is unafraid to stand up for what he believes in. I have no doubt that when our state faces important issues that he will not only vote the right way, but he will lead the fight,” Pastor Steven Griffith said. “Whether the issue is that of ending abortion, defending the sanctity of marriage, protecting religious liberty, or guarding against the atrocities that the public school system forces on our students, we can count on Steven to relentlessly champion our values.”

“I’m committed to standing up for traditional values and fighting the attacks from the Left on public displays of the Ten Commandments, prayer in school, crèches, and images of the Cross,” Long said. “I’m proud to have the support of these men and I look forward to representing them in the State House.”


The coalition is being led by these leaders and includes others:

Pastor Steven Griffith, Mountain View Baptist Church

Dr. Robert Jackson, Co-Founder of the Carolina Pregnancy Center, Boiling Springs First Baptist Church

Pastor Davy Shelton, Gateway Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Ramsey, Gateway Baptist Church

Pastor Brad Atkins, 2012 President SC Baptist Convention, Asst Exec Director SC Pastors Alliance, Powdersville FBC

Dr. Todd Black, Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church

Pastor Sammy Sutton, North Spartanburg Free Will Baptist Church

Pastor Mike Gonzalez, Columbia World Outreach & Executive Director of The Alliance

Pastor Joshua Barnette, Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church

Pastor Daniel Duncan, Liberty Baptist Church

Pastor Brian Winebrenner, Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church

Evangelist Mark Guy

Pastor Jonathan Smith, Preacher & Chaplain

Pastor Jeff Wheeler, Missionary and Church Planter

Pastor Jacob Williams, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

Mr. Bob Woodard, Upstate Director of The Alliance

Mr. Andrew Phipps, Andrew Phipps Ministries

*Titles and affiliations are for identification purposes only.*