Donna Hicks Solicits Support From Democrats

Ethics and Republican Party principles are apparently meaningless to Rep. Donna Hicks. Sunday she proved beyond all doubt her status as a RINO (Republican in Name Only) by using a Sunday morning church service to make a blatant political appeal for Democrats to vote for her in the Republican primary.

A video, which surfaced yesterday online, shows Representative Hicks actively soliciting support from Democrat voters.

Using an invitation to speak at Sunday morning services at a local church, Rep. Hicks bragged about supporting key issues important to Democrats and asked the congregation to help her turn out Democrats in the Republican primary.

Rep. Hicks said, “I’m here to tell you that I need your help, okay. I’ve got a primary on June 14th, I have an opponent and I need your help. And, uh, because there is no Democratic primary, Democrats are free to vote in the Republican primary because we have an open system. So I’m asking for you to come out and support me. I need your help.”

Since the General Assembly has refused to allow the Republican Party to close its primaries to Democrat voters, and since there are no contested Democratic primaries in Spartanburg this year, Rep. Hicks is counting on a large turnout by Democrats to offset the large number of Republicans voting against her.

“Republican voters should be outraged that a Republican representative would seek to manipulate the electoral process by encouraging Democrats to spoil the Republican primary,” said businessman Steven Long who is challenging Rep. Hicks for the Republican nomination. “It’s really no surprise that Representative Hicks would ask for Democrats to vote for her given her liberal record of higher taxes and bigger government, but it is revolting nonetheless. Perhaps she should change parties and run in the Democrat primary.”

Mr. Long is a fiscal and social conservative and he supports closing primaries and establishing registration by party, which is the official position of the South Carolina Republican Party.